How can Psychology Help?

We all face challenges and difficulties in life, and there will always be ups and downs. Sometimes we get through hard times quickly, and sometimes not. At times in our lives, we may find that we get stuck. It may be hard to get past something, or we may feel overwhelmed. We may find we are more irritable, or withdraw from others. Our sleep, appetite, concentration, or enjoyment of activities may have changed. We may find we are avoiding situations, places or people. It may be hard to experience positive feelings.

Although at least a few of the above are going to be experienced by most people at one time or another, if you find you are stuck, or those around you are being affected by your difficulties, you can get help. Psychologists are trained to assist when things aren't going right, or when you just don't feel right. Randolph can help with practical strategies, as well as understanding the issues and helping make sense of them. Psychologists can also help if you want to lift your game, become more confident, improve communication and assertiveness, improve your relationships or even get fitter and healthier.