Relapse Prevention of Depression

If you have been depressed in the past, then you surely don't want to go there again! However, relapse rates of depression are high, particularly when people decide to stop taking medication without the backup skills and understandings to stay well. If you are concerned about becoming depressed again, or would like to discontinue your antidepressant medication, Randolph can help. Please, always discuss medication issues with your Doctor before making any changes, and Randolph will also liaise with your GP.

Randolph is highly experienced in Relapse Prevention and can help you develop and maintain the skills and understandings to help stay well. He uses and teaches an evidence-based approach known as MBCT (Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy) that can help you stay well, as well as Positive Psychology - the science of living a fulfilling life - or flourishing. Randolph is experienced in relapse prevention as individual or group-based approaches.

Randolph utilises the Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy [MBCT] model, specifically designed to reduce rates of relapse of depression, and supported by research*. The course is enhanced with modules on exercise, nutrition and Positive Psychology. Our aim is to provide the most comprehensive and effective program to assist in staying well and living a fulfilling life.

* 50% reduction in relapse for people who have been depressed three or more times.

You will learn:

  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Education on depression and relapse
  • Identify your own "relapse signatures"
  • Techniques to manage difficult times
  • How to stay well and flourish!

Course Structure

The Relapse Prevention of Depression Program is an 8-week program. Each class is 2 hours and is educational, experiential, supportive and fun. All materials are provided, including Booklet, CD, and plenty of practice!

People who have experienced depression know that it is a serious issue, with high rates of relapse - so joining this program requires your commitment to achieve the best outcome and stay well. Check with your GP or health fund for possible rebates including Medicare.