Information for GPs

Depression and Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety are assessed and treated using best-practice approaches. Randolph is happy to see clients with uncomplicated, or complex presentations. Randolph also teachs a group-based Prevention of Relapse of Depression course (MBCT) and has trained intern psychologists in this model at the ANU for the past seven years. Randolph works with generalised anxiety and those with specific phobias.

Clients who are experiencing Grief and Loss are provided with a supportive and empathic approach to assist in the negotiation through the necessary grieving process. Complex Grief differs in that the client experiences longer term unresolved grief and associated depression, and is managed using a specific processing model.

Please do not hesitate to contact Randolph should you require further information, or wish to discuss any client presentation prior to referral or at any time during treatment. You will receive brief communications at initial, review, and completion stages of therapy.